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I Want to Have More Money

Money. You want more of it, right? We have a range of savings accounts that could be just what you need to reach your savings goals.

What Kind of Saver are You?

Are you a gold coin collector? Maybe you like to set & forget with auto transfers? Perhaps you love to spend up big and live week to week? You might even get a kick out of budgeting every dollar?

At Hunter United, we encourage you to live every moment to the full, but this philosophy isn’t always a good one when it comes to your money.

Finding balance between your spending and saving will ensure you can also enjoy life to the full in the future, as well as today.

Which Account is Right for You?

Everyone needs a transaction account. Ours are designed to give you freedom to use your money where you want, how you want, at any time.

Our interest earning savings accounts encourage you to make extra deposits and reward you with generous returns.

If you don’t trust yourself or if you believe out of sight, out of mind is a good saving strategy, then our fixed term deposit accounts could be right for you, with high interest payments when you lock your money away for a period of time.

You can self-select online or contact one of our experienced Customer Service Team who can discuss your options with you.

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Choosing the Right Account

Whatever kind of saver you are, we have a range of savings, transaction and investment accounts to help you manage your money and sometimes to even protect your savings from yourself!

We’re Here to Help

Whether you're after freedom to use or looking to grow your savings, we've got an account that will work for you.

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1 Interest is only payable in calendar months where no withdrawals or transfers have occurred. Available via online application only.

2 Depositing $2,000 per month entitles the customer to 5 free ATM withdrawals at any Hunter United ATM, along with 10 free EFTPOS transactions as per our Fees and Charges brochure. If the $2,000 deposit minimum is not made each month, charges for each and every ATM and EFTPOS transaction will apply, regardless of ATM operator.

3 Monthly fee is waived when you hold a current loan product with Hunter United e.g. home loan, personal loan, solar loan or when you have more than $20,000 combined business with Hunter United.

Are You Eligible?

Get a high rate of return & the freedom to access your money anytime.

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