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I Want to Go Green

Going green just makes sense. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for your wallet too. Together, with Hunter United, you can make a difference.

Our Story

In 2014 we installed solar panels on the roof of our head office as well as other power saving initiatives like installing energy efficient lighting.

We did it as part of our goal to reduce our environmental footprint and also because it’s just plain smart - our electricity consumption is down by 32% and our power costs are down by 50%!

We were inspired by what this small act could achieve so we now offer green loans to like-minded people for their own environmental home improvements and purchases.

What’s Your Story?

Maybe you’re driven by environmental causes or perhaps you’re more focused on reducing your power bills? In the end, the environment benefits while you do too.

We'd love to hear how we might be able to help you, so talk to us about how a green personal loan or a green home loan could be the way forward for your green initiative.

Hunter United supports green initiatives in your community too. If you’ve got a green fundraising cause, let us know how we can help. Email:

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1800 10 10 63


Are You Eligible?

A great rate of return & the freedom to access your money anytime. Lending criteria, T&Cs apply.

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Do Something You Won’t Regret

Get fast approval and a low rate on OO & INV home loans over $400K. Lending criteria, T&Cs apply.

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Need to Make a CCI Insurance Claim?

Follow the link for some important information from QBE, our insurance partner, on making claims at this time.

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We’ve Got Your Term Deposit Covered

Deposits >$2K can earn 1.80% in a 5 month term deposit. Limited time only. Conditions apply.

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Green Personal Loan

A low rate loan for just about any sustainable home improvement. Lending criteria, T&Cs apply.

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Life Changing Personal Loans

A low rate personal loan suitable for just about anything. Lending criteria, T&Cs apply.

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